Natural PigmentsFestival


Exchange of Artworks via International Mail
Participate by sending us your artwork letter (via standard international mail) painted with natural pigments made from stone from your country including a short comment on the materials and methods used. Translate your comments into English using any translation tools (eg: Google Translate) and leave the rest up to us. Your artwork will be exhibited at the Natural Pigments Festival. In return, we will send you an artwork painted with natural pigment made from lava of Mount Fuji.

機械翻訳のテキストにある思い・方法で、あなたの国の小石で作られた天然顔料で制作された作品レター(定形国際郵便)を是非、お送りください。作品は、Natural PigmentsFestivalに出品します。

Our mailing address is:
Society for the Study of Natural Pigments and
the Grinding Process Using Stones from Mount Fuji (NPO)

Nirasaki Ōmura Art Museum
1830-1Nabeyama kamiyama Town
Nirasaki City Yamanashi Prefecture
407-0043 JAPAN